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Beechwood Independent Public Schools

Beechwood Independent Public Schools

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Beechwood Independent Schools are an exceptional K-12, public school district located in Fort Mitchell. The Beechwood schools have been noted for their sense of tradition and academic excellence. Both Beechwood Elementary School and Beechwood High School have received numerous awards and honors for their outstanding accomplishments. The exemplary level of performance exhibited by Beechwood students over the years has been directly related to the high expectations set by the schools for achievement and the consistently strong level of parental involvement and support.

The district’s remarkable level of student performance is demonstrated by Beechwood High School having on average 90 percent or more of its graduates going on to attend college. Beechwood High School is ranked number six statewide, and ranked 613 nationwide.

Cincy Magazine Ranks Beechwood Number One

Blue Ribbon School