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Wall of Honor

The Wall of Honor is to recognize and honor individuals who have unselfishly and diligently served the City of Fort Mitchell. Those chosen will have their names engraved on the granite wall in front of the Fort Mitchell City Building.

CLICK HERE for Nomination Form

Date of Ceremony: Memorial Day, May 28, 11:30 AM, at the City Building.

Deadline for Nominations: Friday, April 20, by 4:30 PM

Nominations/Supporting Documents: City of Ft. Mitchell, ATTN: Wall of Honor, 2355 Dixie Hwy, Ft. Mitchell, KY  41017 OR

Nomination Guidelines:

  • Nominees must have served the City as either a retired or separated employee, volunteer, or elected official
  • If employee of City, contributions should include years of service as well as service above and beyond call of duty
  • No more than three people will be inducted into the Wall of Honor per year

Information to include in Nomination:

  • Service to City or community organizations
  • Organizations/Groups served
  • Length of service in various capacities
  • Specific instances or examples of how nominee’s work benefitted the community
  • Forms WILL NOT be accepted without name and address of person nominating
  • A minimum of two letters of support required per nominee

Past Inductees

  • 2002 Inductees: Gen. Ormsby Mitchel, William H. Boehmer, Thomas E. Holocher, Howard A. Pauly, Paul E. Redenheimer, William M. Zeidler, Charles A. Bogenschutz, John H. Schroder, John W. Menzies, Charles Frost, Joseph C. VonLehman, Carl R. Schmidt, Charles Schmidt, Lee J. Morand, William H. Goetz, Vincent P. Gohs, Robert J. Lubrecht, Denis H. Schrand, John D. Seifried, Ronald P. Becker, Raymond H. Becker, Rev. William Blees, Cyril C. Hollenkamp, Roy J. Moser, Anita Hergott
  • 2003 Inductees: Victor W. Dietz, Timothy W. Hollenkamp, Wilbert L. Ziegler, Hamon Lynn, Richard S. Nelson
  • 2004 Inductees: Jack Holman, Matthew P. Hehman, Steve Brandner, Richard Willman, William Race, Edward Legg
  • 2005 Inductees: Patricia Becker, Thomas Becker Sr., George E. Engle, Clarence B. “Duna” Kleier, Juanita D. Kroger
  • 2006 Inductees: Jerry Bogenschutz, Edward J. Elliott, Rich Hergott, David E. Jansing
  • 2007 Inductees: Paul Allgeyer, Patty Gohs, Gene Hitter, David Schrand
  • 2008 Inductees: Wallace B. Allen, George Schrand, Jr.
  • 2009 Inductees:  Thomas Lewin
  • 2010 Inductees:  Alexander Greer Simrall, Frank D. VanWinkle
  • 2011 Inductees: Charles P Dietz
  • 2012 Inductees: Robert Haley, Robert Zerhusen
  • 2013 Inductees: Joyce Brophy Hubbell, William (Bill) Reis
  • 2014 Inductees: Ben Snyder, Will Schroder
  • 2015 Inductees: Tim Gohs, Steve Hensley, John T. McKinley, Howard McClary
  • 2016 Inductees: Richard Gohs, James Wilshire, Todd Kleier