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Boards & Committees

Code Enforcement Board

  • Members: Chairman Frank Pohlgeers, Douglas Boschert, Derick Harper, Kevin Burns, Jennifer Greis
  • Meeting Dates 2017, 7:00 PM: March 13, June 12, October 9, December 11
  • CLICK HERE to report unsightly property/tall grass & weeds/junk vehicles

Park Board:

  • Members:  Chairman Jeff Epplen, Robert Simmons, Glenn Rice, Tom McKinley, Cindy Burns, Kyle Bennett
  • Meeting Dates: First Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM
  • Meeting Locations: April – September General Ormsby Mitchel Park, weather permitting; October – March City Building

Board of Adjustments

  • Members: Chairman George Deitmaring, Lisa Meiman, Don Stegman, Mark Bossert, Angela Lucarelli
  • Meeting Dates: Meets on an as needed basis

Tree Board

  • Members: Chairman Craig Grabow, Kevin Dicke, Anna Kirschner, Nicole Clements, Harriet Powell, Jane Noll, Greg Lamb
  • Meeting Dates: Tentative schedule to meet quarterly

Finance Committee

  • Members: Chairman Jim Hummeldorf, Dan Rice, Kyle Taylor, Julie Mahorney, Ben Bloemer, Amy Guenther, Renee Oka
  • Meeting Dates: Tentative schedule to meet quarterly