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Non-Emergency & Animal Control #

24/7 Non – Emergency Dispatch: 859-356-3191

The most effective and quickest way to reach the Fort Mitchell Police is through Kenton County Dispatch at 859-356-3191. When you call, the dispatcher will either transfer you to an available officer, notify an officer to call you, or have an officer meet you. Do NOT call the police administration line when you are in need of an officer or would like to report something.

24/7 Animal Control: 859-356-3191

If an animal is roaming the neighborhood, being walked without a leash, excessively barking, not being cleaned up after, or attacking another animal or person, you must call while it’s taking place and notify Kenton County Animal Control 859-356-3191.

Kenton County Animal Control does NOT remove wild animals such as; squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rats, etc. You must contact a private company to handle wild animal issues.