Trash, Recycling, Hazardous Waste

How can I obtain a new or additional waste or recycle bin?
Contact Best Way at 859-372-4900. All residents will receive one trash and recycling cart at no cost when requested by resident. Additional carts may be rented for $3.00 per month. There are two size bins to choose from: 65 gallon or 95 gallon.

What if my waste or recycling is not picked up?
Notify Best Way at 859-372-4900.

How can I dispose of large items?
Best Way Disposal will collect large items year round, but you must call and notify them in advance at 859-372-4900. If large items are set out, without notifying Bestway ahead of time, items are subject to being left and you may be cited. All mattresses and upholstered furniture should be completely wrapped in plastic to protect the driver. Examples  of  items NOT collected: Pianos, construction debris, tires, refrigerators, brush or tree limbs if not neatly bundled and cut less than four feet.

How can I dispose of leaves and yard waste?
Leaves and yard waste can be bagged and set out with trash on your scheduled collection day. Branches must be bundled & cut less than 3 feet in length.

How can I properly dispose of medication?
City Building has a secure drop-box in the main lobby. Drop off unused/expired over-the-counter & prescription medications (can stay in original bottles). Vitamins, syringes, liquids, creams are NOT allowed.

How can I properly and safely dispose of Hazardous Waste and electronics? CLICK HERE

Is waste and recycling collected on holidays?
The only two holidays waste & recycling will NOT be collected is Christmas Day (December 25th ) and New Year’s Day (January 1st). If your collection day falls on one of these two days, Best Way Disposal will collect it the following business day.

How long can waste and recycle bins stay out?
Cans cannot be put out before 4:00 PM on the day prior to collection and must be removed by the end of the day of collection.

Do I need to set up a waste account?
If you are new to Fort Mitchell your waste fee is a line item on property tax bills (due Oct 31). You do NOT need to set up a new account unless you have built a new house or waste is not included on your property tax bill.

Are there other opportunities to throw things out?
Yes. CLICK HERE for more info.