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 POSITION TITLE: Fire Fighter/Paramedic

    • Application
    • Due May 4, 2018, by 4:30 PM
    • Send Documentation: Fort Mitchell Fire Department, Attention Chief Hils, 2355 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, KY 41017

• 21 Years of Age
• Valid Kentucky Driver’s License
• Kentucky Certified Paramedic
• Kentucky Certified Firefighter (400 hour level) IFSAC FF I/II Preferred
• Current CPAT by start date

Minimum Responsibilities & Duties
• Respond to Fire and EMS Incidents
• Perform preventive vehicle maintenance inspections and upkeep
• Conduct fire hydrant testing and maintenance duties
• Perform general building maintenance and housekeeping duties
• Perform other duties as included in FMFD position description
• Provide medical treatment and transport for injured
• Ensure proper supplies are available and ambulance is service ready
• Provide fire suppression in all types of fire situations
• Perform search and rescue operations at fires to locate and remove victims
• Public education and fire safety education with children, adults and schools
• Personal, company and department training
• Regularly participates in either group or self-directed physical fitness activities
• Conduct pre-fire plans and inspections with local businesses and establishments
• Perform recordkeeping

MUST INCLUDE: resume, copy of driver’s license, high school diploma (or equivalent), birth certificate, Kentucky Fire Commission Training Summary Report (or equivalent), a copy of all Fire/EMS certifications and course completions, valid CPAT certification, Kentucky or National Registry Paramedic/EMT Certification.