Mayor & City Council

Fort Mitchell City government operates as a Mayor-Council form of government under Kentucky statutes. The Mayor, who is elected every four years, serves as the top executive of the City. Seven members of the City Council, who are elected every two years, serve as the legislative body of the City. The City Administrator, appointed by the Mayor with approval of the Council, is in charge of day-to-day activities.

In the mayor-council form of government, the Mayor votes on issues before the City Council only in the case of a tie between council members. The Mayor must approve ordinances adopted by the City Council and may also veto them, which veto can be overridden by a super majority of City Council.

While the City Council establishes all appointed offices, the duties of those offices and their compensation, the Mayor is responsible for the appointment, discipline, and dismissal of most City employees.

The Mayor is required to prepare, present, and administer the annual budget which can be modified by the City Council. The City Council must provide sufficient revenues to operate city government through the adoption of the annual budget and by levying taxes and other fees and charges assessed for City services.

Other duties of City Council include enacting all codes, rules, and regulations for the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.