Tax Rates

  • 2021 Real Estate Property Tax: 1.36 on each $1000 of valuation of property
  • 2021 Park Real Estate Property Tax: 0.2 on each $1000 of valuation of real estate property
  • 2021 Road Real Estate Property Tax: 0.6 on each $1000 of valuation of real estate property
  • 2021 Beechwood Schools Tangible & Real Property Taxes: 9.63 on each $1000 of valuation of property
     CLICK HERE for a list of streets located within the Beechwood School District 
  • 2021 Annual Waste & Recycling Fee: $210.00
  • 2021 Insurance Premium Tax: 7% on all annual insurance payments, but only first year of life insurance
  • 2021 Electric and Gas Franchise Fee: 3% on gas and electric payments

Business Taxes 859-392-1440
Business Taxes
are collected by the Kenton County Business Services Department. CLICK HERE for business tax information.

  • 2021 Gross Receipts: .075% on all business gross receipts (not net profit) within City
  • 2021 Payroll Tax:  1.25% on all payroll earned within the city
  • 2021 Occupational License Fee: $50 per business or $250 county wide

Kenton County Property Taxes 859-392-1800
Kenton County Taxes are collected separately through the Sheriff’s Department. CLICK HERE for county tax information.

* 2021 Property Tax and Waste Collection Rates will be set between August-September 2021.