Boards & Committees

Board of Adjustment

  • Members: George Deitmaring, Joe Hayes, Angela Lucarelli, Lisa Meiman, Don Stegman
  • Meeting Dates: On an as needed basis
  • Meeting Location: City Building (2355 Dixie Highway)
  • Next Meeting:

Budget, Audit, & Finance Committee

  • Members: Jerry Deatherage (Chair), Ben Bloemer, Amy Guenther (City Clerk/Treasurer), Julie Mahorney, Renee Oka, Dan Rice, Kyle Taylor
  • Meeting Dates: On an as needed basis
  • Meeting Location: City Building (2355 Dixie Highway)
  • Next Meeting:

Code Enforcement Board

  • Members: Frank Pohlgeers (Chair), Douglas Boschert, Kevin Burns, Jennifer Greis, Derick Harper
  • Meeting Dates (7:00pm): March 9, June 8, September 14, December 14
  • Meeting Location: City Building (2355 Dixie Highway)
  • Next Meeting: Monday, December 14, 2020 at 7:00pm virtually via video conference
  • CLICK HERE to report unsightly property/tall grass & weeds/junk vehicles

Ethics Board

  • Members:  Carol Buckhout (Chair), Shane Armstrong, Gregory Lunn, Claire Rummel, J. Stephen Smith
  • Meeting Dates: Annual meeting each spring (after March 1) and then as needed
  • Meeting Location: City Building (2355 Dixie Highway)
  • Next Meeting:

Park Board

  • Members:  Glenn Rice (Chair), Acena Beck, Kyle Bennett (Park Director), Jeff Epplen, Tom McKinley, Robert Simmons, Beth Smedley Connaroe
  • Meeting Dates: First Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm
  • Meeting Location: City Building (2355 Dixie Highway)
  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 7:00pm virtually via video conference (CANCELED)
    CLICK HERE to watch the meeting LIVE via YouTube
    City of Fort Mitchell Park Board Agenda 1-5-21

Tree Board

  • Members: Craig Grabow (Chair), Nicole Clements, Kevin Dicke, Anna Kirschner, Bill Reis, Cory Schuler
  • Meeting Dates: On an as needed basis
  • Meeting Location: City Building (2355 Dixie Highway)
  • Next Meeting:

Dixie Highway Master Plan

CLICK HERE to review the final plan

CLICK HERE to view presentation from the 4/2/18 City Council Meeting (starts at min 16; ends at min 36)

In 2016, a Certified Arborist identified many of the trees along Dixie Highway were not a good species to have in the long-term. It was recommended the City take a proactive approach by implementing a planned and phased tree removal and replacement project over a 5 – 7 year time frame. In 2017, the City’s Tree Board was charged with the task of developing a master plan to address this issue. They partnered with MKSK and over a period of four months, worked diligently to develop recommendations for the corridor. A draft of the plan was presented to City Council at their April 2, 2018 meeting and final action was taken on the plan on May 7th. The goal of the Master Tree Plan:

  • Provide protection and to make sure the removal of all trees are conducted with proper considerations and adequate replacement program
  • Provide and maintain healthy street trees
  • Expand and improve upon the established Urban Forestry of the City

Edenderry Implementation Plan

CLICK HERE to review the plan

Edenderry Drive is a public right-of-way in Fort Mitchell and is the primary entrance to the Waterford Homeowners Association neighborhood. It is currently lined with 61 white ash and Callery pear trees. These trees are declining and dying due to the effects of emerald ash borer and previous storm damage. Without proactive intervention, the neighborhood risks losing all of these trees in the next 3 – 5 years. The Waterford Homeowners Association (WHOA) has therefore decided to be proactive and systematically remove and replace the street trees over the next three years. This project is in coordination and cooperation with the City and the Fort Mitchell Tree Board. The goal of the Edenderry Drive Tree Removal and Replacement Implementation Plan:

  • Follow the intent of Dixie Highway Trolley Line Master Tree Planting Plan to create a sae and sustainalepulic urban forest in the City of Fort Mitchell
  • Adhere to the tree planting guidelines presented in the Plan so replacement trees are properly installed and cared for according to current industry standards
  • Select replacement tree species from a palette of more desirable species, requiring less maintenance and providing multiple benefits, specifically a shady, overarching canopy for Edenderry Drive, storm water mitigation, and wildlife habitat – an aesthetic beauty which will compliment the quality of the neighborhood
  • Create a public-private partnership so the resources of both the WHOA and the City are used efficiently and effectively