Requirements to Go Door-to-Door

  1. First you must apply for a Fort Mitchell/Kenton County Occupational License. For more information visit 
  2. Once you have received your Fort Mitchell/Kenton County Occupational License, you must apply for a City Solicitation license. Each person applying must turn in three separate items (1) Completed application in person (2) Proof of Fort Mitchell/Kenton County Occupational License (3) Picture ID
  3. Do NOT approach properties on “No Solicitation” List (will be given list if approved).

* You will be notified within 14 days if application is approved.


  • Permits lasting between seven and ninety days: $25
  • Permits lasting more than ninety days up to one year: $100

Application & City Ordinance

CLICK HERE for City Ordinance pertaining to solicitation
CLICK HERE for Solicitation application

Anti Solicitation List

If you do NOT want solicitors visiting your residence you must do both of the following:

  1. CLICK HERE to fill out Anti-Solicitation Form
  2. CLICK HERE for printable “No Solicitation” sign and make visible on property (any “No Solicitation” sign is sufficient, does not have to be the one provided)