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    Parade: Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 12:00pm

    Grand Marshal: Oriental Wok/The Wong Family

    Theme: America the Beautiful

    Important Parade Day Information:

    • Registration deadline to walk/ride in parade is Friday, June 18, 2021
    • All roads along Dixie Highway, between Orphanage Road and Beechwood Road, will be closed 11:30am – 2:30pm
    • Please stay on sidewalks and do NOT walk on streets, or up to parade flaots and vehicles!
    • Rain or shine the parade will go on and will not be cancelled due to weather


    Start – DCCH Fair Grounds on Orphange Road
    * Arrival Time: Between 10:30am – 11:30am
    * Check-In: Follow signs to check-in
    * Line Up: Participants line up in designated staging area in order of arrival
    * Non-Parade Vehicles: Park behind blue barn “Extra Parking.” Only participating vehicles can park in staging area
    * Drop-Offs: Drop-off at the designated area
    * Parade Start Time: 12:00pm

    Ending – Beechwood Road at Pleaseant Ridge Avenue
    * Passenger Drop-Off
    1. Huff Building Parking Lot: Designated Drop-off Area OR
    2. Grandview Tavern Parking Lot: Designated Drop-off Area
    * Vehicles/Floats Only (not dropping off passengers)
    1. Exit to Buttermilk Pike: Go straight toward Buttermilk Pike


    • Not Allowed: Water balloons, squirt guns/squirting devices
    • Walkers: Age 12+ (Age 11 and younger must ride in float/vehicle)
    • Food: No food deliveries. Food trucks will be available on site for purchase
    • Parking: Non-parade vehicles must park behind blue barn in “Extra Parking” – Review Map
    • Late Arrivals: Will go to end of the lineup
    • Spotters Needed: Floats/trucks/large vehicles
    • Candy: Do not throw in the street
    • Volunteers: Treat volunteers with respect

    Other Info:

    • Bathrooms: Four Port-o-lets scattered throughout – Review Map
    • Bring Drinking Water
    • Wear Sunscreen
    • Play Music!


    For our parade to be a success and run smoothly we need volunteers! Contact Joe Christofield to learn how you can help the day of the parade at 859.331.1212 or

    For more information, contact Joe Christofield at